FIORINI Pump systems & Storage tanks

     The goal is to provide a complete system in which each element is carefully selected and the components are perfectly integrated altogether to provide a quick and flexible response ensuring the highest level of comfort and efficiency.

     The applications are varied: winter heating, summer cooling, efficient production of domestic hot water, from a single house up to an industrial complex.

     Our strength is a comprehensive knowledge of renewable energy technologies, which allows to design and build integrated systems aimed at exploiting and integrating various energy sources such as geothermal, aerothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic, etc.


Catalogue – Fiorini 2016

Catalogue Fiorini – Pressurized buffer tanks

Catalogue Fiorini – Plate heat exchangers

Catalogue Fiorini – Heat pump systems

Catalogue Fiorini – Chilled water systems

Catalogue Fiorini – Sisteme pentru racirea apei

Catalogue Fiorini – Termo Solar

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