CUOGHI Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers Systems


For air ducts:

  • AC series Humidifiers

For industrial use and agriculture production:

  • UCV series Humidifiers

For warehouse and small refrigeration rooms:

  • Mini Neb Humidifier

For warehouse and refrigeration rooms:

  • NEB 6500 Humidifier

For rooms with controlled atmosphere:

  • NEB 6500 ATC Humidifier

For steril steam humidification:

  • Steam humidifier


     Humidifiers are designed to be simple to install, easy to check and clean, are equipped with air filter that reduces the frequency of maintenance required to keep the high efficiency of the appliance. The devices can be installed on walls or hung, all necessary brackets are supplied as standard.

     Humidifiers effectively solve the problem of the formation of mold and bacteria in stagnant water: the water tank that fills up during operation, is very small (about one cup) and is cleared automatically when the machine stops minimizing the amount of water that remains inside the unit. In addition, the small size of the basin allows a very rapid replacement of water and ensures that the mist is always produced with fresh and clean water.

     Humidifiers have low installation, operation and maintenance costs, ensuring a continuous operation without the need of maintenance for a long period of time. They can be fed with normal drinkable water from municipal network or with demineralized water too.


  • Yard dehumidifiers
  • NADER dehumidifiers
  • NADER Midi dehumidifiers
  • Swimming pool dehumidifier SP 46
  • Swimming pool dehumidifiers SP – 32W and SP – 46W


     Dehumidifiers are refrigerating circuit appliances that introduced into the environment to be dehumidified, will recirculate the air gradually lowering the humidity level to the desired value. Decreasing the air humidity value even gradually withdraws it from the walls and all the materials in the room. All models work with ecological refrigerant gases (R134a or R407c).

     All machines are designed and thoroughly tested, the individual components that constitute the engine of the dehumidifier itself, have been selected to work in an efficient and durable way. The use of low-energy consumption fans and rotary compressor has helped to reduce power consumption and maximize performance.

     Machines are equipped with air filter which prevents dirt from reaching the heat exchangers and thus takes the high efficiency of the machine over time. The filter is easily removable for cleaning operation: it can be cleaned with a vacuum, compressed air or, at worst, well washed in water.

     The machines can be customized on request.


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