DECSA Evaporative condensers or cooling towers

     Cooling towers are installations which allow you to reuse water coming from the cooling process, because, once water is put in direct contact with air, there is a heat transfer between air and water. Water consumption in case of using a cooling tower rises to 5%. Also, the quantity of warm water discharged is minimal, thus reducing ecology problems.

     The tank section, including the fan, is built on a frame made of thick metal sheet, with centrifugal fans mounted on the side of the water tank.

     Centrifugal fans are made of galvanized steel sheet fins and are dinamically and statically compensated.

     Electromotors with mechanic shielding IP55, TEFC are mounted on big devices and are placed in a position protected from the weathering.

     There are two types of towers available:

  • Cooling towers with centrifugal fan CTS
  • Cooling towers with axial fan AXT

Tower accesories:

  1. Exchange packs
  2. Drift eliminators
  3. Fillers
  4. Nozzles


Catalogue – DECSA CFR

Catalogue – DECSA RCC

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