FriOil Design & diagnosis systems

     FriOil offers solutions in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. It is a system for oil cleaning from the refrigerating units.  FriOil System is a system based on refrigeration equipment designed by refrigerationist engineers.



Equipment for oil cleaning

FRI3OIL system is a system based on refrigeration equipment designed by refrigerationist engineers to clean the oil from the refrigeration and air conditioning cooling equipments.



  • Avoids the discharge/distruction of refrigerant
  • Reuse of refrigerants in most cases
  • Savings by reduced use of new refrigerants


Technical data:

  • Cleaning the acids from the burnt compressors
  • Replacement MO/POE
  • Avoids air inflow at POE replacement
  • Preventive maintenance


Surrounding environment:

  • Recovery/recycling of refrigerant
  • Safety storage of equipment – easy extraction of wastes

Ecologic – global solution for wastes


System for oil cleaning from refrigerating units


System for leaks detection

Ultraprobe 100 is an ultrasonic system for the localization and detection of leaks. Ultrasound technology is the smartest approach of an inspection.



  • Pressure and vacuum leak detection
  • Valve Leak Detection
  • Leaking exhaust systems
  • Heat exchangers, condensers, boilers
  • Inspection steam separator
  • Testing tanks leaking pipes


  • Accuracy
  • Rapidity
  • 5 years warranty
  • All fluids (refrigerants, N2, Air, etc.)

It is formed of a set including:

  • Liquid leaks amplifier (ultrasonic bubble test for low level leaks)
  • Stethoscopic extension kit
  • Volume Amplifier
  • Specialized tone generator
  • Noise insulating Headphones DHC-2H Deluxe

LRM-1 module

Leaks detection Ultraprobe 100


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