ClimaCheck Design & diagnosis systems

     ClimaCheck onsite is a well proven platform to validate performance and trouble shoot refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. Tens of thousands inspections has been made with this very robust and flexible system. ClimaCheck software will give you all the information to analyse virtually any compressor driven refrigeration process.

     With ClimaCheck Online you have the opportunity to monitor the cooling and air conditioning units and heat pumps from any computer or mobile device with internet access, which gives you immediate access to current data.

     Get full access to your equipment and alarms by SMS or email if any reading is outside the predetermined limits. Data for any point of time can also be downloaded for detailed analyses.

     The ClimaCheck Method allows you as a property owner, contractor, service provider or manufacturer to analyse and evaluate basically every type of cooling system. In an ordinary cooling system the method is based on ten measuring points that collect all necessary data. ClimaCheck Performance Analyser immediately analyses collected data and records performance. You quickly get a full picture of how the equipment is functioning and what adjustments may be done to increase energy efficiency.

     The ClimaCheck method is based completely on physical data for the refrigerant and basic energy correlations. You get a tool to document the performance of cooling processes that is independent of input from systems or component suppliers and therefore completely un-biased.

     ClimaCheck Performance Analyser Pro is used to document all types of compressor driven refrigeration processes regardless if they are used for cooling, freezing air conditioning equipment or as heat pumps and the areas of use are numerous.


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