CABERO Air coolers

     CABERO Professional Industrial Line of Air Cooler/Evaporator units are well suited for all industrial applications as well as large commercial installations. Inline tube configuration optimised for long term storage of perishable products (such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables) are designed with end user in mind, where moisture removal from storage rooms and stored product must be kept to minimum. Minimised weight loss is achieved with these units as its configuration keeps the cooling surface temperature higher and closer to inlet temperature, therefore creating lower rate of air drying and minimised icing up of heat exchanger surface. It now becomes obvious, that defrosting frequency and length are reduced creating more stable operating system which ultimately reduces energy consumption and further enhances added value for end user. Furthermore, air side pressure resistance is also lower, with minimised ice layer on heat exchanger surfaces, also reducing fan power consumption. Such conditions not only improve visual appeal of stored product, yet prolong its life inside cold room as well as on supermarket shelves.



Catalogue CABERO – Commercial/Industrial HEAT

Catalogue CABERO – Overview

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