AB Tehnic  understands the present trend, thus all the products presented by us are geared toward significantly reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment. Therefore we collaborate with various companies abroad, such as:


ALCO Electronic Controls

     The wide range of Emerson controllers covers all major applications in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration as well as heat pump systems. There are stand alone controllers and controllers with a communication interface, which allows using them in LON networked systems too.
     The controllers with TCP/IP Ethernet communication feature a full web server function and provide full data exchange with any user in the World Wide Web. This allows quick and inexpensive monitoring from any PC with a standard web browser.


     ACM is a professional Italian company specialized on production and services related to commercial air conditioning systems for industrial refrigeration, established in 1987 by a group of expert engineers. Our focus on quality and liability has earned us the recognition of Italian and European enterprises as a reliable manufacturer of air-conditioners, chillers, roof-top units and all types of process cooling systems.


     For over 25 years BG Door International is the world’s leading supplier of Ripening Room Doors for a wide range of fruits, including tropical fruits and especially bananas: Perfection in Ripening Room Doors.

     Because quality equipment is a precondition for optimum results in fruit cooling and ripening, perfectly insulated fruit ripening rooms ensure satisfactory performance. BG Door has developed a superior range of gas-tight doors using high-grade insulation materials and seals. Our quality doors provide the guarantee for profitable cooling and ripening.

BICOLD – refrigeration equipments

     Bicold Engineering was founded in 2003. From the very first beginning Bicold appears as a new reality of the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry, presenting its first production of condensing units.

   Nowadays Bicold Engineering continues its growth developing a whole range of units addressed to the refrigeration market: Condensing units, Multi compressor packs and Liquid coolers (chiller) only cold, Heat pumps, Motocondensing and motoevaporating versions.


     For the past 60 years, Biddle has been producing and delivering innovative climate solutions in the field of heating, ventilation, cooling and climate separation. Biddle serves customers worldwide. Biddle has ample experience in assembling made-to-measure solutions and the hands-on approach truly makes Biddle your partner in every step of the process.

BRANDONI – producer of iron and bronze valves designed for the industrial sector

     Brandoni spa is well-known around the world for producing industrial valves in cast iron and bronze. For more than 50 years, the company is acting mainly in the market of civil and industrial heating and air conditioning plants, but also in the naval sector and distribution of city water and gas. Over 30% of the energy consumed in our company comes from renewable sources.


    CABERO is a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology with its head office in Grafrath near Munich.

     The independent company was founded in 1980 by Tino Cabero sen. as a sales organisation and progressively developed into an innovative full service provider. In addition to the main administrative location it currently comprises 3 production sites (Germany, Hungary, China) as well as 17 sales offices in national and international locations.


     ClimaCheck is a cleantech company with a unique method for analysis of cooling and heating processes, with the objective of optimising the functionality and daily operations of heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems. ClimaCheck’s proven solutions increase energy efficiency considerably, and often lead to energy savings of 10-40% – whilst also contributing to increased plant reliability, reduced equipment wear and lower operating expenses.

     ClimaCheck’s innovative solutions bring benefits to owners, contractors, consultants and manufacturers of all types of air conditioning and cooling systems in industries like the food industry and the retail sector, properties and buildings, and manufacturing.

COOL TOOL – software for design

    During the last years CoolTool has created a new standard in technical software for refrigeration and air conditioning: a huge amount of possibilities and complete calculations have no equal.

     CoolTool allows the user to make all the important calculations in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning quickly, efficient and exact: from the estimation of air flow in the psychometric chart over the cooling load for cold rooms and for air conditioning up to the complete design of all parts of huge plants.

     CoolTool allows the user to compare different solutions and various designs of the plant for the same problem and to choose the best: part lists, graphics, print out and the export-possibilities are easing the necessary documentation in the company.

     CoolTool is available in 14 languages and structured modules. Every user can create a customized system to fulfill the requirements.’


     Copeland™ brand compressors are engineered for higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability. They allow the integration of new and environmentally-friendly refrigerants into your systems, while seamlessly improving efficiency and performance levels.

     Emerson Climate Technologies offers the broadest, most reliable condensing unit product line possible. Leveraging the latest in compressor technology, each platform provides you the option to select the refrigerant, capacity, and application temperature combinations that meet your requirements.

     A huge variety of Copeland™ indoor and outdoor condensing units offer the right solution for applications in food retail, food service and industrial refrigeration.


     The firm Cuoghi Luigi started on 1973 as a one man business acting as sales agent of components for industrial facilities. In the mean time it started the production of centrifugal humidifiers for industrial air handling plants. In few years it became a leader producer of air handling units for mushroom growing rooms.

DECSA – cooling towers, evaporative condensers

     Ever since its inception, DECSA has been designing, manufacturing and selling machines for heat recovery of cooling circuit water (cooling towers) and for the condensation of refrigerant gases (evaporative condensers). We have extensive design and application experience, have been certified by the ISO 9001 standard for over 10 years, and are an internationally-acclaimed company, exporting 70% of our production.


    Environment protection is our priority. The best possibility to protect environment is to save the energy and the best solution in cooling systems is to use the waste heat energy with the DK heat recovery system.


    We are devoted to solving your problems where Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Flow are concerned. These products are used extensively in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Quality Assurance Laboratories, where our customers demand high quality products.


     DSI is a leading company involved in designing and manufacturing manually-operated and automatic plate freezers.

     In Denmark DSI manufactures many different types of manual horizontal and vertical plate freezers which are suitable for use in onshore and marine installations.

     We optimise the operating performance, reliability and overall economy of our freezers on an ongoing basis with one clear aim in mind – to ensure that our plate freezers always live up to the changing needs of our customers


     With well over 20 years of expertise, EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of centrifugal electric pumps for the industrial and domestic markets.


     Eliwell has operated in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning market for 35 years and offers high level quality and technology products, control systems and services for refrigeration units, both commercial and industrial, and for air conditioning.

     Eliwell is part of the Schneider Electric Group.


     FabricAir designs and produces custom air dispersion & air distribution solutions for a wide range of applications. In 1973 we installed the world’s first fabric ducting system, which heralded a whole new way of thinking within HVAC and indoor climate.

     We continue to be at the forefront of innovation and proudly deliver superior air dispersion across the globe through sales companies and a substantial distributor network. Our experienced engineers ensure ideal air flow regardless of project complexity. We are headquartered in Denmark and all systems are produced to measure at our facility in Lithuania.


     The company’s main business line is the design and production of heating and cooling products such as plate heat exchangers, water tanks, water heaters, hydronic skid systems and complete heat exchange groups, chillers and high efficiency heat pumps for heating, cooling and service hot water production. It is Europe’s leading hydronic skid systems producer for heating and cooling plants.


     FlowControl quality valves for cooling & heating systems are sold in more than 15 countries. We specialize in balancing and regulating fluids, our valves based on technical expertise, experience and flexibility.

FRIOIL – equipments for oil cleaning and ultrasonic system for oil leaks detection

Exclusive owner of the patent for automatic cleaning of refrigeration plants using their own refrigerant, RefriApp recovers and recycles, simultaneously improving the thermodynamic performance and the cooling capacity of plants, thus prolonging the lifetime of compressors.


     Blow-freezers and blow-chillers, modular refrigerating rooms.


     FuehlerSysteme eNET International GmbH manufactures and distributes pt100 temperature sensors, thermocouples, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, air quality sensors, sensors for motion and brightness, flow sensors and meteorological instruments. Profit as company from our a broad spectrum of products that offers the appropriate solution for any measurement. Customisation is also available, enabling a high level of flexibility.


Geodata is an Italian OEM, young and dynamic,  o companie italiană de producţie, tânără şi dinamică. Geodata manufactures and sells a broad range of ‘close control ’air conditioning units , heat pumps for geothermal energy and a wide range of dry coolers and heat pumps with high efficiency.

HB PRODUCTS – dedicated to optimal solutions for level measurement and control of oil and refrigerants.

     HB Products is a development-oriented company, which specialises in the development and production of sensors for industrial refrigeration systems. Apart from expertise within oil and refrigerant control, we have great know-how in the design and optimisation of industrial refrigeration systems. This knowledge enables us to develop and produce the best sensors!

     Since its start more than 20 years ago, HB Products has attained a strong global position. This is the result of our ability to think in terms of new technological solutions, create trustworthy products, and provide a high level of service.

     The product program consists of: sensors with switch function, sensors with analogue output signal (4-20 mA) and sensors with integrated direct control of magnetic/motor valves regulators for the control of pumps and/or valves

HERL – Parker – valves and automatization

Parker’s Industrial Refrigeration Division consists of two very distinct brands which has been servicing the refrigeration markets for decades.

     Refrigerating Specialties has been manufacturing and distributing refrigeration control valves for over 90 years. Herl Refrigerating Specialties has been manufacturing and distributing refrigeration service valves for over 77 years. Both brands have been continuously enhancing the offerings to support customer requirements, newer refrigerants, technologies and regulations.

     Whether you are looking for industrial pressure regulators, solenoids, liquid level controls, safety relief, and hand shut-off valves to commercial regulators and solenoids, we have a solution. With distribution in over 60 countries we are your global source for all your industrial and commercial

     Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. Parker can be found on and around everything that moves. At Parker we have an unmatched breadth and depth of products that originate from a global leadership position in nine core Motion and Control technologies that include aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, sealing and shielding. We can apply these products and technologies individually to solve customer challenges that are simpler, or we can combine them to develop systems that address challenges that are complex.


     Italia Refrigerazione is an Italian OEM that manufactures condensing units and multi-compressors systems for industrial and commercial refrigeration.

     The union of experience and research gave birth to the Italia Refrigerazione project. Throughout the time Italia Refrigerazione has grown thanks to the constant dialogue with distributors and their co-operation with our research & development department who has designed our products. Nowadays the products range has increased in order to satisfy all our customers’ requests and it includes condensing units, multi-compressor rack systems, split systems, water cooled units and many other products are to be included. The main point and strength of Italia Refrigerazione has always been to offer the best quality with the shortest delivery times and the possibility to offer customized products. Therefore Italia Refrigerazione installs only the best branded components on its products which assure the best results.


     Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. Our commitment to sustainability dates back to our roots in 1885, with the invention of the first electric room thermostat. We are committed to helping our customers win and creating greater value for all of our stakeholders through strategic focus on our buildings and energy growth platforms.

KIMESSA – Gas monitoring – our passion since 1985.

     Depending on the industry and environment, numerous gases may be present that have an adverse effect on the human health or represent a major risk due to their toxic or explosive / flammable properties. KIMESSA offers you the most effective safety solutions to protect your employees and the environment.

     KIMESSA is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing qualitatively and technically superior and extremely maintenance-friendly gas monitoring systems. With the latest generation of devices, we have today achieved a leading position worldwide in the area of technical solutions.

     Kimessa specialises in stationary gas measuring and control systems. All of our products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. KIMESSA is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. All products for explosion-protected zones have been produced according to the high quality requirements of guideline 94/9/EG(ATEX). The Swiss market is served directly by KIMESSA and our gas detection products are exported worldwide where our trained partner companies ensure a dedicated professional service. Our ISO 9001:2008 compliance is testimony to our 1985 founding principles of producing high quality and innovative products.

     KIMESSA services:

  • Consulting and project planning
  • Development and solution design
  • Installation / commissioning
  • Maintenance services and repairs
  • Worldwide customer service
  • Comprehensive warranty services


     LIFA AIR Ltd is the world’s leading producer of safe and clean indoor air products and equipment, specializing in Ventilation Hygiene and building Protection.


     The LU-VE Group is the combination of experience, tradition, forward thinking, and innovation.

     The Group is the embodiment of the principle that, first and foremost, companies are women, men and ideas. People with years of experience, young people blessed with creativity and enthusiasm, highly qualified professionals, all united in their passion for their work and in their vision of a world which will be more aware, more livable, more advanced, and better balanced.

     LU-VE has introduced a new way of conceiving and making refrigeration and air conditioning products, using avant-garde technologies which have then become a constant reference-point for the entire industry.

     The Group is an international entity (with its main offices and production facility in Uboldo, Varese) made up of 10 production units

     There are also 13 sales companies in the LU-VE Group located in the Australia, Austria, China/HK, France, Germany, India, Poland (Gliwice and Warsaw), Russia, Singapore, Spain, UAE, United Kingdom. A network of experts – technicians and qualified staff – at the service of clients to satisfy their every need.


     MIV has always been committed to the development and improvement of its products. The Company’s major objective is therefore the research and development of technical solutions that best satisfy the demands of national and international markets. Thanks to the support of the most modern solid modellers, the sizes, thicknesses and shapes are optimised right from the first design stages. Before series production starts, the doors and accessories are thoroughly tested with experimental trials that subject the products to fatigue tests, destruction tests and tests in climatic cells. MIV’s objective is to always guarantee the best possible performance in all conditions of environment and of use. We are daily enthusiasts in developing solutions for:

  • Refrigeration doors
  • Hardware for cold rooms
  • Hardware and accessories/components for refrigeration industry


     We provide high tecnology freezing, freeze drying and drying equipment, and fruit and vegetable processing lines.


  • Food industry – PolySto is the leading and preferred European producer of hygienic wall protection for the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharma – Hygienic wall protection for pharmaceutical industry
  • Logistics – PolySto protects your indoor environment from damage during daily operations. We can supply specially designed safety barriers for buildings, plants, automatic doors, and other important settings.


     We are a Spanish engineering company that provides technical solutions using Special Applications for the Maintenance of HVAC & Refrigeration systems.


     RV COOLING is focused in offering a new generation of solutions for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.

     Offers products that combines highest exigency in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental respect
  • Performance and reliability

SIM Cooling Technologies

Headquartered in Milano, having two production units located: one at the borders of Milano, within the industrial zone from Rho, the other one located in the centre of Italy, nearby Ancona, SIM Cooling Technologies manufactures: cooling towers, forced evaporation condensers and closed circuit coolers.


     Originality, design and attention to the requests of the market enable TECNAIR LV products to provide innovative solutions which cut down on design, manufacturing and running costs.


     We are one of the leading commercial and industrial misting systems manufacturers offering a diverse portfolio in both the commercial and industrial sectors. Over 38 years of work we have built an undeniable reputation in the high pressure and spray industry. We have been fortunate to work on some very successful project.


     Tewis Smart Systems is a leader company in Energy Consulting and specialized in Integrated Solutions developing systems for cooling, Climate and ACS installations.

     Our specialization in refrigeration area allows us to deal with projects from a new point of view: understanding the project in a comprehensive way.

     Our team satisfies all the key needs of the project thanks to our experience and know-how in the following areas: engineering, refrigeration machines and monitoring and regulation electronic controls.

     Molgroup is born with the aim of developing and improving the refrigeration and industrial field, achieving big growth possibilities. Eliwell Ibérica, S.A, Zanotti Smart Solutions S.L, Tewis Smart Systems and Eliwell System S.r.l form the group.


     Thermokey was founded in 1991 and has been producing various kinds of heat exchangers for 25 years now. It is internationally known as the ideal partner for manufacturers of cooling machines for air conditioning, refrigeration and process cooling.

     Customers can select all of these units completely by themselves, thanks to specific quick selection softwares.

     All Thermokey products are developed and manufactured inside the company itself, in cooperation with international certifying institutions. The wide range of standard heat exchangers which can be found in our catalogues is further enriched by the special heat exchangers which Thermokey R&D designs according to the customer’s specific needs.


     Worldwide For more than 30 years, VDH Products BV develops en produces mechanical and electronic instruments for measuring of temperature, pressure and relative humidity. The company has grown to a modern customer orientated organization with loyal clients throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia.

     Leaders in temperature, pressure and relative humidity


     From the start WITT specialized in industrial refrigeration. Our success over the years has been due to our invention and the loyalty of our staff which consist continuously between 100 to 120 employees. High qualification and quality has always been set above quantitative growth.

     Refrigerant pumps, float regulators, pressure vessel units and other refrigeration components are designed, developed and produced by our staff.


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