About us

About US

     AB Tehnic Profesional is a team of engineers and specialists dealing with import, sale, installation and maintenance of  industrial and commercial refrigeration.As independent consultants and engineers, AB Tehnic Profesional team can assist you in terms of design, engineering and construction of a modern installation.

    AB Technical Professional has experience in the design of cold storage not only for cooked and processed food, but also for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and flowers.


Our Mission 

    Our goal is to provide efficient solutions, not only products. We offer consulting & design services for attaining any type of refrigeration system from A to Z, but each time the customer decides on the next step.

     About design and engineering, we offer the following modules:

  • Predesign Study / Consultancy
  • Final design
  • Engineering
  • Providing solutions
  • Quotations
  • Construction management



AB Tehnic Professional” brand reflects our company vision to become the most trusted business for suppliers, equipment manufacturers, installers and end-users.

We aim for continuous growth and success, as well as improving reputation and recognition.

A fruitful collaboration between you and experts / skilled local engineers represents the basis of success. It is our firm belief that we are well qualified to assist you in this process.

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